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Traffic Sources

Since 1996 Video Secrets has worked hard to build quality and reliable traffic sources from hundreds of thousands of affiliated sites including over 3,500 White Label sites. In addition, we spend thousands of dollars each month on paid traffic from major search engines like Google and Yahoo. All of this means more customers in your room! Signup today and take advantage of everything we have to offer!

Our exclusive VIP network of customers that visit our sites daily, provide a high-end clientele for our models that other sites can't offer. Our customers thrive on creating lasting online relationships with our models and getting to know them through consistent, long shows together.

Video Secrets - Premiere Affiliate Program for Live Video Chat

Provided Traffic

  • We pay for and funnel traffic to your room
  • The latest SEO techniques drive organic traffic
  • Huge existing customer base
  • Show up on BIG NAME websites
World-wide Traffic
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