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Webcam Affiliate Programs

Many successful webcam models use both our broadcasting side and our affiliate program to maximize their earnings. To find out more about our webcam model affiliate program, you can go to and signup.

What it means to be an affiliate, is to be able to send traffic to our webcam models and make a profit off any money those customers spend. This is great for models who market themselves off site, like on a social networking page, in their own neighborhoods with friends, boyfriends, customers in another line of work etc. Instead of sending them to our home page to see their webcam shows, models who are affiliates, can tell a potential new customer to go to their own white label or personal site and link to our cam network and earn in multiple ways. Instead of getting a third of the profit then, a model could be taking 2/3 of the gross that new customer spends online with them. Web cam models who use the affiliate program in addition to just being a model on our sites, can really find the maximum profit in being a performer, and with our easy to use tools in our affiliate program, market themselves on a professional level.

If you're interested in being an affiliate as well as a webcam performer or studio, we have an excellent webcam model affiliate program that you can join. Go to and signup to join our network.

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